Star Trek Rash Guard - Classic Gold Uniform

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Do you find yourself calling shots for your teammates? Organizing open mats or being the "go to" guy for technique questions/problems? Are you regularly coaching others at the gym or even run the grappling program altogether?

If you're also a fan of Star Trek, what better rashguard to add to your collection than the gold Captain's uniform? Lead the team with the outfit of Capt. James T. Kirk!!!

Trekkies who do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu have, on this day, been given an outstanding opportunity. The opportunity to combine two awesome things! Authentic Star Trek uniforms are now available for the very first (and only) time as high-quality grappling rashguards!

Built from a breathable 80% polyester, 20% spandex blend that will hold up to rigorous Gi and nogi training. Assembled with strong flatlock stitching that holds together a comfortable panel cut. The smooth compression provides support for your muscles, abrasion protection for your skin, and heat/moisture control

Everything from the solid background colors to the chest logo is fully sublimated so you can be sure it'll remain rich and clear throughout training and washing.