Meerkatsu "Morcegao" Vale Tudo Shorts

$64.99 $64.99

Meerkatsu has a knack for turning regular old creatures into fierce illustrations fit for modern day warriors. The Morcegao Vale Tudo shorts turn the already-fierce bat into pretty gnarly MMA/BJJ attire.

The shorts' body is double layered so prevent excessive shifting of the fabric while you spar, and the whole thing is moisture-wicking so your Vale Tudo shorts won't become weighed down with sweat. Polyester and lycra make up the fabric blend, providing flexibility and durability. This sort of blend is also great because it lends itself to the highest quality graphic sublimations. The detailed illustrations are sure to stay sharp no matter how much you train, totally immune to cracking, peeling, and fading.

Adjusted by an internal drawstring.