Ground Game Blue "Surf Jitsu" Gi

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Ok, let's get right down to it: the interior sublimated lining on this kimono is gorgeous! Ground Game has designed an all-around quality, good-looking Gi, but the interior artwork really separates it from the rest. Unlike your usual rashguard lining that covers the main body and upper arm/biceps, this lining extends to the end of the sleeves so your forearms and elbows benefit from the comfortable fabric. All artwork is fully sublimated into the material so ensure it will never peel, fade, or crack after wearing and washing. You'll find quality craftsmanship on the outside of this Gi as well, such as the uniquely shaped woven shoulder patches and small yet tasteful mid-arm embroideries.

Contrasting yellow trim is used for the jacket and pants, adding a nice splash of color to the rich blue cotton exterior. All fabrics have been selected to find a great mix of qualities that you need in a year-round BJJ Gi: sturdy, lightweight, breathable, and resistant to warping/excessive shrinking.

At the waist, you'll find another innovative move from Ground Game: they've replaced the traditional multiple-loop setup with a single, uninterrupted loop channel that keeps the drawstring protected and covered from edge to edge. The only area around the waistband that exposes the string is in the center where the knot is tied. The drawstring itself is made of a thick and stretchy cord that is very easy to tie and untie.