Jaco Tenacity Resurgence Shorts - White/Gold

$19.99 $54.99

Jaco has long had a reputation for producing extremely comfortable, flexible, and durable fight shorts. With updated colorways look extra fresh, what else is there to improve?

The newest Tenacity Resurgence shorts are handsome and damn near flawless. Anyone who has trained in a pair knows that their good looks are just the tip of the iceberg. Jaco's signature STR-X fabric, built from 90% polyester and 10% spandex, is one of the most acclaimed materials to ever be used for fight shorts. Not only do they stretch to save the seams from undue stress, but the engineered fabric also retains its shape over time, avoiding any baggy stretched-out areas. Tested by professionals for years now, the STR-X boasts impressive breathability and moisture-wicking, both crucial traits when you train hard year-round.

Jaco's patent-pending waist-tightening system can be adjusted without scrunching up the waistband fabric, creating a reliable "no-slip" fit. The soft material used to back the hook-and-loop system is slightly padded, easily preventing any chaffing from the closure itself. Internal drawstring.

Another noteworthy feature of the advanced Tenacity edition is the hidden internal stretch pocket. Instead of inside the waistband as you'll usually find, Jaco was clever enough to situate the pocket in a much more easily accessible spot: inside the bottom of the shorts' hem. Since the pocket faces upward and has a fold-over design, it holds items securely without requiring you to untie your shorts in order to access your mouthguard, ID card, etc.