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    To set up a return or exchange please reach out to our team at cs@rollmore.com

    The Rollmore Unbreakable Gi Policy 

    [Return Policy for our BJJ Gis only] 

    Wore it? Washed it? Don't like it? We got you...
    We allow 60 DAYS from date of purchase to return / exchange your Gi, even if it's used or washed* and it's FREE SHIPPING BOTH WAYS (US customers only - International customers are responsible for return shipping).  

    * Please clean the Gi before mailing. Gis must be dry before mailing. If a returned Gi is soiled, your account/address will be barred from future Gi returns.

    * Gis that have been altered (embroidered, dyed, stains due to food/drink/blood/etc, patches removed, tailored or altered in anyway, etc) are not eligible for the 60 Day Return Policy. 
    The Gi didn't soften up enough in the wash? No biggie.
    It didn't shrink enough? Totally fine.
    You decided black isn't your favorite color anymore? Also cool with us.
    You unexpectedly got your blue belt a month after buying it and your mild OCD prevents you from wearing a royal blue belt with a royal blue Gi? Totally understand. 
    You also may return any non-Gi item for refund or exchange if it is in resalable condition (new, unused, unwashed) within 365 days. Use of our products in a manner other than that for which they were manufactured also nullifies this warranty. For example deviating from the care instructions; e.g. spandex garments with a care label that expressly mentions no washing with abrasive velcro items (which will result in "pilling" of the spandex surface). 
    If your return does not meet the requirements then we will not accept return/exchanges. E.g. a used rashguard or a patched-up pair of shorts, etc. 
    Rollmore.com is not responsible for postage costs of any returns that are sent to us without any approval / communication with our Customer Service team

    Mailing Address:
    PO BOX 307
    Garnerville, NY 10923