Tatami Estilo 4.0 Blue Gi

$149.99 $149.99

The 4.0 is easily the best Estilo yet. Tatami's updated the graphics and really put together a quality kimono, converting pretty much every patch to applique embroideries which are much better quality. They are sewn through the fabric, so there isn't a single-seam edge like sewn patches, meaning it's virtually impossible for them to come off even after years of use. These embroideries are now used for the updated orange logos on the right shoulder, left lapel, right hip, and right shin "e" logo.

Unique taping is used in the usual Estilo places: sleeve cuffs and pant cuffs... But they're now using taping along the jacket's triple-stitched yoke seam, something you don't see on any Gis. Another nice touch is the taping on the exterior jacket's skirt, which used to be on the inside. All other high-stress seams are triple-stitched using a silver contrast stitching.