Tatami "Thinker Monkey" Rash Guard

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Tatami's Thinker Monkey designs have always looked great. Whether you want a rashguard to match your Thinker Monkey Gis or if you're strictly a nogi type of grappler, this new Chris Burns-designed rashguard is not one to miss! The front is all class, featuring slick thin lined patterns and original typography, while the back is fully dressed in brand new Thinker Monkey artwork. Our favorite spectacle-wearing primate is now depicted reading some grappling literature in his extensive BJJ library.

As always, Tatami uses a high-quality sublimation process that will leave no detail behind. Featuring rich blue-purple colors and a white base. Sturdy flatlock seams hold it all together, along with the great compression fit that these UK BJJ professionals have perfected.