Scramble Combination Shorts - Green/Grey

The Scramble Combination shorts, now updated with zero screen printing (so nothing to peel, crack or fade.)

Designed for fit, form, functionality, and speed, and jiujitsu, these shorts are really cool. If it makes you feel better Scramble could come up with a load of fake trademarks? OK, here goes.

"MEGA-DUALITY™" Combined Shorts Technology leaves your thighs feeling loved and energised!

"SlipNGrip™" Ultra comfortable spats material feels nice and slippery but somehow also tight which is cool!

"HOOK de HOOPZ™" Turbo secure fastening enclosure ensures your innards stay within your abdominal lining at (almost) all times!

Size Guide
XS: 27-30" waist
S: 30-32" waist
M: 32-34" waist
L: 34-36" waist
XL: 36-38" waist
2XL: 38-40" waist