Kitsune "Spectre" BJJ Gi - White

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  • 350 GSM Lightweight Pearl Weave
  • 10 OZ Lightweight Ripstop Pants
  • Increased thickness and width throughout the collar
  • Slim and rounded piping along jacket hem and side vents
  • Rounded side vent style
  • 2 standard pant loops and 2 extended loops for a steadier hold
  • Embroidery detail on 1st loop
  • Direct print detail on 2nd loop
  • Round stretch drawstring
  • Embroidery and woven patchwork throughout jacket
  • Sublimated mesh lining along shoulders and vents
  • Direct print graphic at right hip
  • Includes drawstring carry bag

 Inspired by centuries old Ukiyo-e woodblock artwork, Kitsune's Mark 1 Jiu Jitsu Gi kicks off with this clean white issue, featuring a sublimated rendition of Kuniyoshi's iconic "Spectre" woodblock. The soft sublimated panels consist of a breathable poly blend mesh so it's not stiff or uncomfortable even once soaked with sweat. Kitsune uses a thicker collar insert (EVA foam) so it's no walk in the park for your opponent to grab a mean collar grip or worm grip.

All white stitching for a clean finish, with a burgundy trim. Thin rounded piping runs uninterrupted along the jacket hem right up the connected round vent cut. 

Kitsune uses a round stretch drawstring, running through 4 pant loops. The 2 outermost loops are extended (4x as wide as usual loops) and include a KITSUNE embroidery on the right side and a direct print on the left side.