93brand "Citizen" 3.0 Kids Shorts

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  • Fully sublimated patterns and graphics
  • Stretch fabric body (flexible polyester)
  • Reinforced side seams
  • Split vents with reinforced piping
  • 2-way closure with slim profile strap
  • Internal drawstring

The Citizen's 3.0 edition sport a black background and dark grey signature "Citizen" pattern.  Train and compete unrestricted with the Citizen 3.0 as they balance comfort, function, and ideal fabric weights.

93brand has put together a soft and smooth polyester body that slightly hugs your legs in order to eliminate any excess material (gone are the days where your opponent's feet get caught in your loose board shorts). One continuous piece of stretch lycra is used for the crotch panel, from inseam to inseam. The benefit of using one piece is that is has no vulnerable seams and is flexible enough to accommodate all the splits, head kicks, and guard inversions that your hearts desire. Combined with the reinforced split side seams and lightweight stretch body, we're looking at a fit that can't be beat.

Rounded piping follows the entire edge of your Citizen 2.0 shorts, making the ends of the fabric along the leg openings and side vents even more comfortable... and better protected from fraying stitches.

Instead of the common bulky closure straps that digs into your gut when you invert or play a sit-up guard, 93 Brand has developed a longer and slimmer profile strip that lets your shorts sit right where you want them.