93brand "Beachside" Rash Guard

$29.99 $59.99

Rolling on the beach sounds great, but the sand in your eyes can be a real bummer. So the next best thing? Picking up the Beachside rashguard from 93 Brand, which depicts two flowing grapplers, formed from the beachside sand. The original illustrations use a color palette that does a great job capturing the bright, sunny feel of the beach. graphics are guaranteed to stay immune from fading or peeling/cracking over time, thanks to 93 Brand's advanced sublimation process.

Form-fitting panel construction provides comfortable compression as well as plenty of mobility. Each of the poly/spandex panels is sewn together with sturdy flatlock stitching.

The torso has added length to prevent your rashie from sliding up above your waist while rolling, so you can train confidently and comfortably.