93brand "Standard Issue" Women's Shorts 2-PACK Black & Grey


UPDATED! Now featuring the fit & feel of our premium nogi shorts.

  • Sold as a 2-PACK ($49.99 gets you one of each colorway)
  • Two-directional stretch fabric body (flexible polyester)
  • Omni-directional stretch crotch panel (dual-layer)
  • Reinforced split side vents
  • Full hem piping
  • Contrast color inner hem lining
  • 2-way closure with slimmer profile strap
  • Internal drawstring
  • Elasticated waistband (rear half of waist only)
  • Women's Cut: ~5.5" inseam

  • New Standard Issue construction!

    You spoke, we listened. Our old Standard Issue shorts have been replaced with the same fit, feel, and fabric as our premium nogi shorts. Starting now, all future Standard Issue shorts will utilize this much better fit, and will be produced in Regular Length (9" inseam), Short Length (5.5" inseam), and Women's Cut (5.5" inseam). 

    The only difference between these shorts and our usual premium nogi grappling shorts is that these use a sold color fabric. We've added a unique woven label to the edge of the vents/hem. The value is definitely increased, but the price remains the same :)