93brand "Art of War" Women's BJJ Gi

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93brand's Art of War Gi has been long in the works. Built from a breathable but supremely durable 550 GSM Pearl Weave with an all-over interior print (reads: Sun Tzu - Art of War") and updated branding. Unique 3-tone woven side vents add some splash of color (black, white, tan) to the clean white Gi (all stitching is white, no contrast threads). High-quality embroideries on the arm and clavicle area, with a small red dragon patch detailing along the right rib area. Extra-wide and extra-thick EVA foam core collar, making it harder to grip for opponents.

Pants are a 12oz all-cotton canvas with full-length knee reinforcements and interior seam taping. 2-tone pant loops (black, tan) with a black stretch draw cord for easy tying. Woven patchwork features commissioned artwork from the talented Justin Oon, based on multiple statues of and inscriptions by the famous Chinese war general. Similar illustrations are featured on the sublimated drawstring bag, the flipside of which features Sun Tzu quotes on a woven patch.