93brand x Meerkatsu "Choking Hazard" Ranked BJJ Rash Guards

$34.99 $49.99

93 Brand's "Pill" tee and subsequent Choking Hazard rashies all moved very quickly, and their popular 7/8 sleeve format has gotten nothing but great feedback ever since the first edition dropped. Needless to say, this line of gear has been a hit, and so it's natural that it's completed with the full range of BJJ rank colors! Grab yours while you can!

The back graphics are modified, giving the Prescription over Submission design a simpler appearance. It's still built from a breathable mid-weight fabric:85% polyester, 15% spandex. And it still follows the form-fitting panel construction that allows the sort of mobility required by sub grapplers and wrestlers. If you've ever worn a rashguard under your Gi, you know that the cuffs can loosen up and hang out beyond your Gi sleeves. This spells trouble when your opponent plays spider guard! Even in No-gi training, a long sleeve can be a nuisance when you're handfighting in your open guard or trying to cinch up guillotine grips, etc. But if you find that "3/4" sleeves are too close to your elbows and you just want to roll them up, 93 Brand has the solution. The "7/8" sleeves are long enough to offer forearm compression and keep you from rolling them up, but short enough so your wrists are free and open. Bravo, 93, Bravo.

Stitched together with smooth flat lock seams, ensuring a comfortable but durable hold. Bright colors add a nice pop to this outstanding rash guard.