93brand "Dark Tiger" Spats

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Brand new drop from 93! The "Dark Tiger" Spats. If you were digging the tiger series but the "Wild Tiger" Spats were too colorful and loud for your taste, these are all you. 100% fully sublimated graphics, guaranteeing that all details remain crisp and never fade. Built from 93brand's soft premium fabric blend (a bit thicker and softer than the nylon blend used for their Standard Issue compression series). The premium stretch material is built from a blend of polyester and spandex, designed to withstand the sort of stress and wear that even the toughest grappling routine can dish out. Introducing 93brand's high-waist women's cut - Check out the size guide below. The cut throughout the body is the same, but by popular demand the waist is now a higher-waist cut for the ladies edition.

Panels are assembled in a simple but effective arrangement that manages to achieve an even, consistent compression fit without a maze of seams. Internal drawstring with reinforced eyelets for easy fastening at the waist. Sublimated cover around the elastic waistband to smooth out the upper waist and prevent any discomfort while playing seating guard or hunching over. Inner waistband/edge lining featurse "DO MORE JIU JITSU" pattern detail (also sublimated).