93brand "Hooks v3" Pants - Black

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Whether you need replacement pants or just want a spare set, you can't go wrong with the Hooks from 93 Brand. These pants are one half of the very popular Hooks 3.0 line, now available for sale as separate tops and bottoms. Built from 8 oz cotton twill with heavy-duty reinforcement thread and subtle contrast accents.

Don't let the affordable price tag fool you, these are no budget pants. They've got all the premium features that modern Gi pants should have. A thick, round, stretchy drawstring, run through several loops for added security and stability. They've got knee reinforcements that extend to the very bottom hem, ensuring your knees are protected no matter how you bend your leg... Not to mention the full-length knee reinforcement takes away the need for an end-stitch at the bottom of that double-layer panel, subsequently eliminating the chances of that (very vulnerable) seam ripping.