93brand Casual Jiu Jitsu Pants - Green

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The updated Casual BJJ Gi pants! With the fabrics and feel of genuine Gi pants, but with some tweaks and upgrades for everyday use. Unlike our first Casual Gi pants, these have a modified fit; tailored and fitted for a more modern look when you're not on the mats. So if you order your usual Gi size, the fit will be more tapered and close to the body, compared to our Gi size.

Unlike our typical Gi pants, these have no knee reinforcements (for a smoother look along the knees, and a lighter feel in everyday use). Equipped with two side pockets, adjusted compared to our previous edition. Also now lined with a soft sublimated pattern (comfy mesh material). Deep pockets, just in case you want to store 5 or 6 mobile phones, or a BJJ belt, or iPad :)

The rear pocket is Gi material, and deeper/wider than the previous edition. This new version maintains the classic pant loop + drawstring look of Gi pants. Tapered cuffs. Main material is the "Twin Twill" which we use on our SS1, SS2, etc Jiu Jitsu Gis. This is a soft twill base with ripstop pattern integration.