93brand Standard Issue LTD Shorts

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Special edition "LTD" Standard Issue shorts from 93brand!
Featuring a new layout, with one 3-D rubberized logo on the outseam and repeat graphics sublimated into the contrasting waistband fabric. Equipped with an updated velcro system, equipped with extra tacked reinforcements along each corner of the closures.

2-way stretch material for easy mobility while grappling. Reinforced stitching and brand new colorways. Internal drawstring for fine-tuning your fit. Rounded piping along the outer hem and split side vents (both side vents are reinforced to prevent ripping, for all you extra flexible grapplers out there). Inseam features a double-ply insert of highly flexible 8-way stretch lycra.

The LTD series stays true to the toned down look of 93brand's Standard Issue line. No loud graphics, no fancy logo placements, no illustrations, no games. Sold as a 2-pack: one pair of Burgundy/Dark Burgundy and one pair of Black/Orange. Standard length cut (closer to the cut of 93brand's "Regular Length" shorts, as opposed to their "Short Length" cut found on the premium nogi lines).