93brand Special Edition Mens Grappling Underwear 2-Pack

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The 93brand Grappling Underwear are back! This time they're sublimated with patterns (instead of solid colors) and they've thrown women's sizes into the mix! For those of you who have purchased 93's underwear before, note that the interior tag has been removed and replaced with an exterior label on the rear waistband, so it's not possible to get a pair that feels scratchy.

The men's design still features the double-layered front junk area, along with a scoop rear design along the butt. Women's style, of course, does not have the extra room around front. Women's style rides up higher in the back as well.

These soft boxer-brief style trunks balance the perfect combination of flexibility, breathability, and compression. Geared towards combat sports and grappling in particular, these shorts will get the job done whether you sport them under a jock strap, spats, or as a single layer under your Gi pants/shorts. Hell, they're so comfortable we wear 'em to work and on the bike!

The mock mesh fabric ensures air circulation will not be a problem, so don't worry about the heat. The wide jacquard waistband keeps them securely in place without squeezing excessively (also making them great for casual wear, under jeans or shorts outside the gym).

Flexible flatlock seams prevent the stitching from digging into your skin during the unconventional positions we grapplers find ourselves in.