93brand "Splatter" Rash Guard

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The new "Splatter" Rashguard. Designed with a mashup of various emblems and graphics used throughout previous 93brand releases (including the Art of War dragon, elements of the Graffiti series, the Pistol Grips Gi patch, patterns from the Americana/Brasilia series, and the iconic Goose emblem). This premium rashie features an improved cut with a smoother overall fit and less bunching of materials. The soft 88/12 poly/spandex blend feels great against the skin, with all artwork fully sublimated for the finest detail (100% immune to fading and cracking).

Equipped with 93brand's 7/8 sleeve cut, which supplies compression/warmth/protection to the forearms without impeding your gripping ability (for guillotines, RNC, and heel hooks). 7/8 sleeves also make it more convenient to train with the rashguard under your Gi, since the cuffs won't poke out/get loosened and get caught in sleeve grips. Assembled with strong yet flexible flatlock stitching.