93brand "Wild Tiger" BJJ Gi

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Fresh new Gi drop from 93brand, showcasing beautifully colored and illustrated artwork throughout the patches and custom interior lining. The Lightweight 450 GSM Pearl Weave features light and comfy mesh lining, with artwork sublimated throughout (like a rashguard, but lighter). 10oz cotton twill pants.

The exterior is nice and clean. No contrast stitching and no contrast vents. Abstract splashes of the interior color scheme appear on the wider pant loops and as the backdrop for the small woven patches, uniquely placed along the side vents. Minimal branding in the form of a front shoulder embroidery and a rear shoulder embroidery.

93brand uses 4 drawstring loops, with the 2 outermost loops being wider and covered in woven artwork. Thick round drawstring. 93 also uses full-length knee reinforcements for more comprehensive knee coverage and no risk of the bottom seam wearing down.

Equipped with 93brand's staple collar design: thicker and wider EVA foam core with added rows of reinforcement stitching.