93brand x Meerkatsu "Freedom Eagle" Rash Guard

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One of Meerkatsu's latest collaborations with 93 Brand sees the UK artist try something different. He's created an homage to the American grappling scene with the patriotic Freedom Eagle rashguard. The bald eagle and tattered flag background are classic Americana imagery... but with a BJJ twist.

As always, designs are 100% sublimated graphics. The results of this superior graphic application are vibrant colors, sharp details, and guaranteed protection from fading and peeling. Even the interior collar label is sublimated, so you won't run into the old scratchy neck issue that you'd find on a lower quality garment.

This rashie features 93 Brand's acclaimed "7/8 sleeve" cut, an improvement over traditional long sleeve styles. 7/8 means that you'll get forearm compression/support and elbow protection, but no interference with wrist control or spider guard grips (thereby sparing your sleeve cuffs and stitching unnecessary wear & tear, extending the life of your rashguard).