93brand x Meerkatsu "Hell Hooks" Rash Guard

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93brand has joined forced with Meerkatsu to summon you this, the Slayer of Knees and Ankles!

The HELL HOOKS Rashguard pays tribute to the unholy art of lower body joint locks and consequent ligament destruction. The original illustrations feature one of Meerkatsu's demons applying an outside heel hook to a mere mortal human.

93's new rashguard cut is much improved, with a smoother overall fit and less bunching of material. The soft 88/12 poly/spandex blend feels great against the skin, with all artwork fully sublimated for the finest detail (100% immune to fading and cracking).

Equipped with 93brand's 7/8 sleeve cut, which supplies compression/warmth/protection to the forearms without impeding your gripping ability (for guillotines, RNC, and, of course, heel hooks).