93brand "Brasilia" Shorts

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Brand new nogi gear from 93brand!
Inspired by the national Brazilian colors, these above-the-knee grappling style shorts feature fully sublimated patterns and branding in shades of green (accented by a contrasting yellow/white waistband).

Built primarily from a 2-way stretch fabric, which provides the mobility required for flexible guard work as well as explosive passing/wrestling... without the excessive stretchiness that causes other shorts to get pinched under knees, elbows, etc. The entire inseam panel, however, is built from a full 8-way lycra fabric, delivering maximum flexibility, comfort, and ventilation where it's truly needed.

With a modern above-the-knee cut, you get a more fashionable look and added range of motion. Also equipped with split side seams for even more mobility (and reinforced paneling/stitching along the interior to prevent busted side vents).

2-way hook-and-loop closure with a sturdy internal drawstring. Partial elastic waistband (rear half) to accommodate weight cutting and seasonal weight fluctuation.