93brand "Tales From The Grips" Spats

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80s and 90s babies, stand up! Fans of "Tales from the Crypt," the show or the old school comics, will love the 93 Brand "Tales from the Grips" Spats, with original artwork commissioned from Gawakoto.

The hooded executioner stands ready to operate his guillotine, using typography inspired by the old school comicbook logo.

Done with a very Crypt Keeper color scheme, appropriately inspired by vintage horror comic books.

As always, 93 Brand uses an advanced sublimation process that eliminates any possibility of fading, peeling, or cracking. The 85/15 poly/spandex is smooth and comfortable, but not at the cost of compression or durability... It's still very sturdy, packs plenty of compression, and allows ample mobility. Equipped with a jacquard waistband that has an interior liner to maintain comfort against your skin.