93brand "UFOmoplata" Spats

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A new species of highly specialized submission creature, originally spotted throughout rural Arkansas, has been captured on film by an amateur UFO chaser just outside of Area 51. It's suspected that this extraterrestrial destroyer of limbs has been kept under wraps by the governments of the USA and Mexico for several years now, however it seems one creature has escaped and is en route to Long Beach, California. It's rumored that their life force is sustained via severely dislocated shoulders and gold medallions.

Luckily, New York BJJ company 93 Brand has come up with this colorful sketch to help catch the beast. Based on the amateur photograph, it depicts the extraterrestrial as it executes the feared Flying Omoplata, which has recently terrorized mortal humans. Utilizing their tentacles and clawed abdomen, abduction and submission is done with minimal effort and maximum force. One might say it is the purest form of leverage ever witnessed.

93 Brand's premium spats format includes a simple and effective compression cut, consisting of 82/18 poly/lycra panels that are secured with low-profile, ultra-strong flatlock stitching. The wide Jacquard band is nice and flexible while still hugging your waist to ensure a steady and secure hold. Smooth stretch fabric covers the interior and the upper edge of the waistband so that even if you put on a few pounds during the holidays, the softened upper edge will keep the spats from digging into your skin. Equipped with an internal drawstring for easy adjustment. The intricate artwork is, of course, fully sublimated.