93brand "XL Pearl Weave" Duffel Bag (Navy/Black)

93brand's roomy XL Pearl Weave gear bag is made for those long gym days.
The pictured bag is filled with two midweight Gis, rashguard, shorts, spats, sandals, a full-size towel, and sneakers. That's some serious real estate :) And it's not even packed to the brim! Ample room for grappling and striking gear in the same session.

The cotton construction makes this one safe for cleaning. We recommend securing all the straps and removing the shoulder strap prior to machine washing (and recommend washing it on its own). Cold wash, hang dry or tumble dry low. Keep it fresh just like your Gis. Dimensions: 28" L x 15" W x 14" H"
  • Main construction: Heavyweight Pearl Weave BJJ Gi material
  • Secondary construction: 12 oz canvas cotton
  • Washable cotton build
  • Cell phone pocket with velcro top closure and quilted side cover so nobody can yank your phone on the subway
  • Padded connection for duffel style carrying
  • Padded shoulder strap (removable)
  • Ventilated shoe pocket so your dirty shoes don't touch your gear
  • Expandable full-width bottom compartment for your clean after-gym clothes, flip flops, etc.
  • Stretchy mesh side compartment for towels, tape, water, etc.
  • Two secondary compartments for personal belongings
  • Name tag so you can personalize your bag
  • Direct print logo and small woven labels