93brand Standard Issue Women's Spats - Royal Gold

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Note: Aside from the obvious adjustments in fit and sizing, the women's version of the Standard Issue Spats are identical to the men's version with the exception of the crotch panel. While the men's features a ventilated mesh crotch panel, that mesh is replaced with a solid lycra panel on these spats (since female grapplers may not have as many additional layers underneath).

The aim of 93 Brand's "Standard Issue" product line is to provide fight gear that reaches a certain high standard of quality without reaching an equally high price, while maintaining a tastefully simple appearance. After a few seconds of moving around in these blue grappling tights and you can easily see that the goal has been reached. Excellent, consistent compression, quality materials, and a subtle yet distinct look.

Using a blended fabric (88% nylon/12% spandex) to achieve a flexible fit throughout the body, with a mesh crotch panel to add ventilation. Bright flatlock stitching offers a nice contrast against the deep blue finish, securely keeping each panel together for a form-fitting compression fit.

The graphic jacquard waistband accommodates a range of waist sizes without compromising the secure fit around your hips. Both the interior and the upper edge of the waistband are covered in stretch nylon/spandex for added comfort and to prevent the edge from irritating your skin (or digging into your love handles, after one or two "cheat days").