Aesthetic "Tiger" BJJ Gi - Black

We've got some brand new drops from our overseas Jiu Jitsu friends at Aesthetic! 

Check out our rundown of noteworthy specs, and then take a careful look at the artwork designs... Aesthetic is sharpening their skills when it comes to their clever signature "ambigrams" - as you invert and logo artwork goes upside-down, the flipped graphic becomes a right-side-up 2nd graphic. 

- Lightweight, versatile 350 GSM Pearl Weave top
- Soft 10oz Twill bottoms
- Clean black-and-white Tiger stripe embroidery and patchwork
- Clever new hidden logo "ambigram" designs 
- Round stretch drawstring
- Aesthetic's custom cushioned drawstring design minimizes moisture-absorption
- Stable, secure multi-loop drawstring system
- Includes drawstring carry bag 
Please see last photo for sizing details.