93brand C-SPEC "Blackout" Jiu Jitsu Gi


93brand's updated "C-SPEC" construction introduces quite a few improvements to accommodate the modern Gi style of Jiu Jitsu. They've re-shaped certain panels to address certain short-comings of the traditional BJJ Gi design, and added two-ply paneling along strategic areas in order to make it less likely your opponent keeps a frustratingly strong grip (curse you, lapel guard!)

Comprehensive bullet points for all updated specs can be found immediately below, with a more thorough breakdown of some noteworthy structural changes afterward:

  • 550 GSM Pearl Weave Jacket
  • 10 oz Drill Cotton (Twill Weave)
  • Updated wide-angle jacket vents
  • Two-ply lower skirt paneling 
  • Slanted lapel ends 
  • Angled sleeve reinforcements
  • Redesigned knee panel shape
  • Pants inseam reinforcements
  • Slightly tapered lower pant leg
  • Silicone-dipped (2x) drawstring ends
  • Washable synthetic leather skirt label (interior)
  • Subtle reflective direct print designs (left hip)
  • 4-point modified pant loop system (with woven pattern detail)
  • Black-on-black designs
  • Meets IBJJF guidelines

Reinforced Lower Jacket with Modified Lapels 
We all hate being stuck in a nasty Lapel Guard, so they've added a 2nd panel of Pearl Weave along the bottom of the skirt, along with slanting the ends of the lapel - the idea being to make the material harder to bunch up for grips, and the angle of the lapel ends making it harder for opponents to get a strong grip on the bottom of your lapels.

Angled Sleeve Reinforcements 
The C-SPEC makes standard 93brand's two-ply sleeve design (seen on previous models like their Goose Feather), which helps fight the strength of opponent's grips, whether it's Spider Guard, Lasso, or Judo grips. 

Reshaped Yoke/Shoulder Panel
Full lining is not IBJJF approved, so they simple extended the shoulder/yoke panel down a few inches. 

Reconstructed + Reshaped Knee Panels
Traditional Gi pants see a rectangular panel straight down the front leg. But bull-fighter grips often involve your opponent grabbing outside the knee area. So they remodeled their already-extended knee panel to progressively angle outward toward the knee - and used Pearl Weave - so the result is a much harder fabric for your opponents to maintain passing grips such as bull-fighter. 

New Leg Inseam Reinforcement
Inner leg grips are of course a big part of many passing styles, so they've also added a 2" wide strip along the pants' inseam to reinforce against unbreakable grips from a dangerous passer. 

Dipped Drawstrings 
We've always wanted a work-around for the conventional knotted drawstring. To avoid having to retie it, and just to clean up the look of the pant. But removing the knot and/or burning the ends of the string means that your string might get lost inside your waistband during laundry. So 93brand has double-dipped their drawstring ends in a durable silicone, adding a splash of color and to 1. Remove the old-school knot and 2. Prevent the string from coming loose in the wash.