Fuji All Around BJJ Gi - White


Also known as the 7000 series, Fuji's All Around model has been a staple of BJJ practitioners' repertoire for years. Relied upon for its combination of high-quality fabrics, modest looks, and excellent value. 

There are a few small patches included but not sewn on, so you can leave your Fuji Gi clean and straightforward or patch it up to your liking. Other specs include reinforced knees and soft cotton seam taping along the jacket interior.

  • Mid-weight 550g Traditional Weave Gi Jacket
  • Cotton Twill Pants with Cotton Drawstring
  • IBJJF (White, Black, Blue), NABJJF, UAEJJF Approved

    Size Guide:
    A0: 4'10"-5'1" 95-110 lbs
    A1: 5'2"-5'5" 110-140 lbs
    A2: 5'5"-5'9" 140-170 lbs
    A3: 5'9"-6'1" 170-200 lbs
    A4: 6'-6'4" 200-250 lbs
    A5: 6'-6'4" 225-275 lbs
    A6: 6'2"-6'6" 250-300 lbs