Hyperfly HyperLyte White Gi

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Do or Die's range of BJJ Gis gets more and more impressive every year. With the HyperLyte drop, we get a super lightweight competition Gi that maintains durability and comfort. If you've always been hesitant to pick up a "competition Gi" due to concerns over sturdiness, you're not alone. But choosing the HyperLyte will not be a decision you regret. It's built from 350 GSM Pearl Weave and 8 oz twill cotton pants... That's right, no ripstop!

The HyperLyte is the exactly what you need if you have trouble weighing in with your Gi or if you train in an especially hot gym. Just because the weight has been stripped down, doesn't mean the quality is stripped down. The Gi is reinforced in all the key areas, and dressed with clean silver embroideries.