93brand Fleeced Joggers 2.0

  • Soft black material with fleeced interior
  • Low-shrinkage fabric blend (70/30 cotton/poly)
  • Comfy ribbed waistband
  • External drawstring with covered tips
  • Four pockets total: Standard side pockets + Rear zippered pocket + Zippered pocket layered over right-hand pocket (to prevent phone or cash from slipping out while seated)

Updated fit includes a few structural revisions:

  • Revised seat (booty area is not as loose and the groin is lifted up a tiny bit, as to not be as baggy)
  • Revised ankle cuff (2" ribbed hem instead of 4" ribbed hem on previous edition)
  • Fabric is more thoroughly preshrunk (to avoid knees becoming bagged out after long-term use)



XS: 95-120 lbs
S: 115-140 lbs
M: 140-165 lbs
L: 160-185 lbs
XL: 185-205 lbs
2XL: 205-235 lbs
3XL: 235-260 lbs