Fudoshin Blue BJJ Gi

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If you're looking for a colorful Gi or a Gi with unique graphics around every corner, there are plenty of Gis on the market to choose from. But it seems the more traditional look has fallen out of style lately. Fudoshin is here to offer a solution. Their new blue Jiu Jitsu Gi is a simple and straightforward effort, focusing on quality of construction rather than graphic elements.

Featuring a 550 GSM gold weave jacket and 14 oz. twill cotton pants that are free from contrast stitching and excessive logos. The only placements are the embroideries on each arm, the the small "Fudoshin" embroidery on the upper back, and the usual tag that is sewn onto the lower lapel. Interior seams and cuffs have soft seam taping made from plain blue cotton canvas. A minimum of 8 stitching lines hold together the sleeve and ankle cuffs to ensure the highest level of durability.