Fuji Suparaito Worldwide BJJ Gi - Navy


Fuji has recently expanded some of their popular staple series; mixing in some gorgeous new colorways giving the aesthetics a refresher updating the patchwork with new branding.

Our favorite? The latest Suparaito Worldwide... and the navy colorway is particularly good-looking, thanks to Fuji's perfect dark shade of deep navy blue. The sunshine-inspired accent colors are done just right, making this lightweight BJJ uniform a solid buy! Especially when it's $40 off ;) Tick-tock!

  • Lightweight 350 GSM Pearl Weave Top
  • Soft Ripstop Pants
  • Bungee drawstring with sufficient stretch / stays in place
  • Strong collar with ample stitch rows

  • Size Guide:
    A0: 4'10"-5'1" 95-110 lbs
    A1: 5'2"-5'5" 110-140 lbs
    A2: 5'5"-5'9" 140-170 lbs
    A3: 5'9"-6'1" 170-200 lbs
    A4: 6'-6'4" 200-250 lbs
    A5: 6'-6'4" 225-275 lbs
    A6: 6'2"-6'6" 250-300 lbs