93brand "Gold Label V3" Jiu Jitsu Gi

  • Unique marl green fabric
  • Added sleeve reinforcement (two-play canvas) 
  • Durable 14 oz canvas construction throughout  (100% cotton outer)
  • Sublimated interior lining
  • Interior seam taping
  • Multiple wide drawstring loops
  • Round cord drawstring
  • Wider and thicker collar core (EVA foam)
  • Rounded side vents
  • Thin piping along hem line

Ooooh this color green! Custom marl olive green canvas, weighing in at 14 oz/yd. Cotton  canvas cotton, The small batch "Gold Label" BJJ Gi is back in a new colorway and updated design. Using a unique shade of melange light green, in a class of its own. Paired up with black and orange accents. A great pick for summer or travel due to its lightweight, or if you're looking to add something special to your BJJ wardrobe.

Utilizing a strong but soft 14 oz. canvas cotton, with reinforced sleeves to prevent your opponents from grabbing strong grips on the lighter weight fabric. 

Seam taping along the interior seams. High-quality embroideries, patchwork, and direct print screens throughout. Sublimated interior shoulder lining.