Grab and Pull IBJJF Ranked Rash Guards

$49.99 $49.99

If you're looking for quality and comfort without big graphics or loud branding, then Grab & Pull's Ranked Rashguards are for you. They feature a solid rank color throughout the body, with just a few tasteful logos sublimated into the fabric. Using a stretchy lycra that offers a combination of flexibility and durability. The compression fit provides warmth and muscular support without restricting your mobility. Each panel in the form-fitting construction is secured via sturdy flatlock stitching.

These rashies boast some specs that separate it from the crowd of ranked rashguards, such as the elasticated band across the bottom hem. This not only keeps your rashguard in place by preventing it from riding up your belly while rolling, but it's got a gripping material sewn into it, which keeps the rashguard from twisting or shifting laterally while you roll. The result of the elastic and grip lining is a fit that is both stable and secure. The neck features soft taping over the seams so they're virtually unnoticeable, and the typical interior label has been removed so that won't bother your skin either.