Ground Game "Balance" Blue BJJ Gi with 2 Pairs of Pants

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Yin and Yang. The relationship between two opposing or complementary forces is a phenomenon that relates to Jiu Jitsu in far more ways than one. Our training and sparring routines, our opponents in competition, our responsibilities outside the realm of practicing our art... there are different yet necessary elements that keep things in place. Ground Game pays respect to this duality with the Balance Gi.

Featuring a simple and clean exterior with high thread-count embroideries and white stitching, contrasted by a dynamic and colorful sublimated panel on the interior. The jacket weave itself is a comfortable 450 GSM Pearl weave that is strong and durable, while the colorful interior panel is made from a very lightweight and breathable mesh fabric. The mesh is sublimated with beautiful rich colors that intricately depict a representation of the Yin and Yang.

As always, Ground Game uses a thoroughly reinforced kimono layout to ensure that your purchase lasts you as long as possible. And to increase the value even more, the Balance includes two pairs of cotton pants. One pair, geared more toward day to day training, is a 12 oz canvas cotton, while the other pair, more geared toward competition or rather hot days at the gym, is made of 10 oz ripstop. Both pairs of pants feature full-length knee reinforcements so your knees are always covered and protected. Ground Game supplies both pairs with their thick cord drawstring, which is much easier to tie and untie than traditional flat strings, and their unique extra-long loop channels. These longer loops help guide the drawstring along a straight line and prevent it from ever shifting upward as you train.