Grips Athletics "Secret Weapon 2.0" BJJ Gi - White

$89.99 $189.99

Grips' Secret Weapon 2.0 is one slick looking kimono! Exterior trim and embroideries are tastefully done, giving the clean white finish a classy and refined look while at the same time leaving plenty of room for competitors and teachers to slap some affiliation or sponsor patches.

Their innovative cut is engineered for maximum efficiency, removing all extraneous material in an effort to minimize your opponent's available grips as well as make your Gi's overall weight no more than absolutely necessary. To better achieve the latter goal, Grips uses a breathable CoolMax mesh lining for the shoulder and vent panels, where most companies use a 2nd layer of the thicker and heavier Gi weave. This mesh lining not only reduces your Gi's weight, but it promotes better ventilation due to its breathability. Not to mention it's got beautifully sublimated artwork all over it, so these interior panels add bright splashes of color to your Secret Weapon!

Knee reinforcements are slanted diagonal at their upper edge, maximizing the important coverage areas and minimizing that 2nd layer where it's not needed. CoolMax mesh is also used throughout the knees, which feels outstanding while rolling! Multiple loops are situated at the waist to keep the drawstring firmly in place no matter how hard you're training, while the drawstring itself is a aerated mesh style. This round mesh cord efficiently prevents moisture buildup and subsequently makes tying and untying your pants super easy, no matter how sweaty your roll was.

The Secret Weapon 2.0 arrives packaged in a convenient two-section carry bag, treated to be moisture-wicking and anti-odor. The main compartment is roomy enough to store your Gi, belt, compression shorts, and rashguard, while the front zip-up portion can store your sweaty gear. A ventilated window at the bottom of the front compartment helps air circulate and prevents odor buildup in your sweaty gear during your ride home. Brilliant stuff!