Half Sumo "Kensei" Dogi - Black

"I chose to live by choice, not by chance" Miyamoto Musashi.

Inspired by the legendary swordsman Musashi himself, comes the new "Kensei" competition oriented GI.

Musashi created and refined a two-sword technique called niten'ichi ("two heavens as one") A Kongen Buddhist Sutra refers to the two heavens as the two guardians of Buddha. In this technique, the swordsman uses both a large sword, and a "companion sword" at the same time, such as Wakizashi.

It's through his mastery of the katana, and his writings about Zen philosophy that even during his life time people started addressing him by the honorary title of Kensei, Sword Saint.

A light 400gsm Pearl Weave jacket to give you the edge on the competition scale, is coupled with lightweight reinforced 10oz Cotton Ripstop pants - Half Sumo has worked tirelessly on the fit, to make both top and bottom extremely comfortable to wear, with no loose fabric to give your opponent any unnecessary grip.

The internal shoulder panel is sublimated with an artwork inspired by life and battles of this legendary warrior, while a hand printed haiku poem written by Musashi himself is there to inspire you in your daily pursuit of Kaizen.

Various high definition patches, embroideries and prints decorate the outer part of the jacket and pants.

The GI fits like a modern tapered GI -It is pre-shrunk, but please allow for an additional 3% to 4% natural fabric shrinkage after the first few washes.