93brand "Hell Hooks 2.0" Rash Guard - Long Sleeve


93brand and Meerkatsu are back, teamed up to summon the Slayer of Knees & Ankles, with Hell Hooks 2.0

Pay tribute to the unholy art of lower body twisting joint locks (and repent for the subsequent ligament destruction). Updated original illustration by Meerkatsu. Our newer rashguard cut is much improved with a smoother overall fit and less bunching of material, along with a more matte-like finish.

Stretchy 88/12 poly/spandex blend and the flexible flatlock stitching are both durable and soft on the skin. All artwork fully sublimated for the finest detail (fully immune to fading and cracking).

Equipped with a very slightly shorter sleeve length, supplying the compression/warmth/protection of full-length sleeves, without excess fabric to impede wrist grips (or from dangling outside your Gi sleeve, if you're one of those pajama fighter guys).