93brand "Hooks V4" Jiu Jitsu Gi

  • 425 GSM Advanced Pearl Weave
  • 8 oz Twill Cotton pants
  • 100% cotton construction 
  • Thicker and wider EVA foam collar core
  • Extended side vent reinforcements
  • Full-length knee reinforcements
  • Stretch round pattern drawstring
  • Multiple pant loops for a secure pant fit
  • Navy/sky blue embroideries and trim
  • Red woven label accents
  • Clean finish with no contrast stitching

Featuring the 425 GSM Advanced Pearl jacket, which is more resilient and more resistant to shrinkage than the 1st and 2nd wave of Hooks Gis.  Paired up with breathable 8oz cotton twill trousers (full-length knee reinforcements for more reliable coverage).

Updated branding and added patchwork, while maintaining the more low-key look of the Hooks series. Equipped with the usual wider and thicker EVA foam core collar. 

Interior seams are taped for durability and comfort against the skin.  93brand uses 4 drawstring loops and a round stretch drawstring, making it easier to tie and untie your Gi pants.