Kitsune "Hunters" Ombre Grappling Spats - Women's


  • Athletic polyester/spandex blend
  • Non-glossy flat finish
  • Subtle gradient 'ombre' design
  • Minimal branding
  • Flexible form-fit paneling
  • High-stretch, heavy-gauge thread / flatlock stitch patterns

  • Women's styles are high-waisted; which extends higher / begins lower than the men's. This tapered waist style is a favorite as it hugs over the hips and prevents uncomfortable pinching of skin. Layered with a relaxed main elastic and a stronger elastic at the top hem (to keep the spats more firmly in place, where your waist will be narrowest).

    NOTE: Women's style may appear a shade darker. This is due to the interior double-sublimation, which we do for light-blocking purposes. Since female grapplers often wear spats alone (without shorts over them) the double sublimation helps prevent any transparency in the event that the material is fully stretched.