Kitsune "Heroes" BJJ Gi - Black

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Inspired by centuries old Japanese woodblock artwork, the 2nd wave of Gis, the "Heroes" Series, is available in white and black. Featuring a sublimated rendition of classic ukiyo-e woodblock artwork. . The soft sublimated panels consist of a breathable poly blend mesh so it's not stiff or uncomfortable even once soaked with sweat. Kitsune uses a thicker collar insert (EVA foam) so it's no walk in the park for your opponent to grab a mean collar grip or worm grip.

All black stitching for a clean finish, with coral red and white trim. Thin rounded piping runs uninterrupted along the jacket hem right up the connected round vent cut. Full-length knee reinforcements assure that your pants are as sturdy as they can be, extended beyond the point that typical Gi pants cease reinforcement (that area where your opponent grabs bull-fighter passing grips.

A round stretch drawstring, runs through 4 pant loops. The 2 outermost loops are extended (4x as wide as usual loops) and include a KITSUNE embroidery on the right side and a direct print on the left side.