Muaewear Lightweight BJJ Gi - Blue

$79.99 $179.99

It's Muae's lightest kimono to date. This model boasts some of the sturdiest lightweight fabrics we've tested, from the Pearl weave jacket to the super light ripstop pants. As always, Muae makes great use of reinforcements, resulting in a Gi that's light enough for the heat and comps without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship. Specs include interior seam taping, wide taping over the inner collar seam, and full-length knee reinforcements.

You may be surprised to notice how much the forearm lining adds to the overall comfort, as Muae uses soft ripstop from elbow to cuff. The pants boast multiple drawstring loops and a very light mesh drawstring, complete with Muaewear graphics and just the right amount of elasticity.