OK Kimonos Premium BJJ Gi - Black

$89.99 $149.99

OK Kimonos delivers a high quality product with very little flashiness. The adult Premium Training Gi is a modest Gi with simple logo embroideries and tastefully designed trim. Comfortable and reliable fabrics get the job done, including a 550 GSM Gold Weave top and two pairs of Gi pants. Yup, two pairs! Not only does the 2nd pair bring greater value to this Gi purchase, but it means you'll have more gear to suit more training uses and more environments (Summer vs Winter, daily training vs competition, etc.). Both pairs are 12 oz., so you know they're capable of withstanding plenty of grappling wear and tear. One is made from a breathable ripstop, great for tournaments or those humid Summer sessions, while the other pair is cotton canvas that's built to endure day-to-day beatings at the dojo... all while getting more and more comfortable with use.

Interior taping protects the cuffs and seams from fraying and helps keep the inner seams feeling soft against your skin. No scratching or skin irritation. Multiple conveniently located loops are in place to keep the round cord drawstring securely in place.