93brand "Palm" Spats


93brand debuted the "PALM" range years back with the Palm Gis, if you remember those gray contrast-collar Gis. But the recent blacked-out PALM nogi series is a move in the right direction. Subtle patterns throughout the main body, which consists primarily of a soft, low-sheen blend (midweight) with a perfect spandex content for great flexibility without losing the form and resiliency of the material.

All graphics are infused into the fabric, ensuring nothing fades or peels with time. Form-fitting panels are kept nice and simple, no complex maze of seams and unnecessary blocks of added fabric. All panels assembled via flatlock stitch-work, using high-tensile thread that won't pop under pressure or restrict your movements on the mat.

Feature a jacquard waistband with soft lining along the interior and extended/wrapped over upper edge, so the jacquard doesn't touch your skin. Internal drawstring with reinforced eyelets.

MEN'S Spats Size Guide
XS: 125 lbs and under
S: 125-145 lbs
M: 145-165 lbs
L: 165-190 lbs
XL: 190-215 lbs
2XL: 210-240 lbs
3XL: 240 lbs and up