Kitsune "Red Skies" Compression-Lined Shorts

  • Velcro-free construction
  • IBJJF-approved nogi garment
  • Lightweight poly exterior
  • Rubberized black-on-black heat transfer logo
  • Shorter inseam
  • Sublimated interior compression layer
  • Updated internal drawstring system
  • Higher-quality flat drawstring with no-fray silicone tips
  • Partial-elastic waistband (rear only)

  • Brand new style from Kitsune's two-layer athletic shorts.
    The 2022 "Red Skies" trunks improve the original with some small tweaks, while maintaining the understated clean exterior aesthetic. Signature splash of colorful ukiyo-e artwork hidden underneath along the sublimated compression layer.

    These 'short-shorts' from Kitsune Kimonos uses their popular velcro-free design, eliminating any and all bulkiness along the front waistband, without compromising the steadiness of the fit - thanks to the comfortable rear elastic waistband and the updated internal drawstring system.