Scramble Athlete Gi

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Here at MAS, we pride ourselves in our ability to spot a one-of-a-kind Gi when we see one. And we know what we've got here with the Athlete. It's a beauty, and one of our top picks when it comes to competition ready kimonos. Scramble found a great balance between style, cut, and function. Fabrics on the Athlete are perfectly light, with no annoying extra fabric hanging around to make your weight cut unpleasant or to give your opponent better grips. We don't need any of that!

Instead of just throwing on some contrast stitching, as is the current trend, Scramble put some work into the Athlete. The high quality embroideries look great, namely the right shoulder graphic and the custom Athlete "A" logo on the left chest. A burst of color shows up on the pants with their light blue patches and stretchy cord drawstring.