Scramble "Tigre" Shorts


Based on Scramble's Core/Base shorts set, but this time featuring a badass tiger with some lightning in its mouth.

I honestly don't think you can get anything cooler - unless the tiger was in tiger camo and the lightning had rockets coming out of it and / or a speedboat. What was I talking about? Oh yeah. Grappling shorts with a tiger on it - literally, amazing.


  • Elastic waistband quite fitted but openings are loose and flowy, go a size down for snug fit
  • Premium quality garment

    Size Guide
    XS: 27-30" waist
    S: 30-32" waist
    M: 32-34" waist
    L: 34-36" waist
    XL: 36-38" waist
    2XL: 38-40" waist